My aspiration for every painting is to express, communicate and evoke emotions that resonate with all who view them. As you peruse through the Gallery I hope you uncover and connect with the feelings I was embracing during the conception and birth of each painting or experience your own emotional reaction.

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The final test of a painting, theirs, mine, any other is: does the painter’s emotions come across? Franz Kline, renowned abstract expressioni

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism

Natural forms and their movements through time and space. The interplay of heavy texture, shape, color and intensity. The variety of patterns created through shadows and reflections on multi-faceted surfaces. Approaching the canvas with freedom to create intriguing images. These are what drew me into the abstract expressionist form and inspire my daily work. View Work.


My strong interest in, and connection, to nature, inspired my period of realistic landscape painting. The focus of the pieces reflect places I have visited throughout the years, as well as locations from which I find inspiration. View Work.

About the Artist

The painting eludes him, with a life of its own. The painting unfolds gradually, and with difficulty, and he doesn’t quite know what it is even for quite awhile after he stops painting it. Then it falls into place for him, or it doesn’t; but for another person who looks at it, it may have peculiar character right away.” Fairfield Porter, artist and art critic.

This quote aptly describes my current paintings and creative process. Traveling through various forms of expression on my artistic journey, I began intensely painting realistic landscapes in acrylics in 1998. Despite completing over 125 compositions and enjoying a number of solo exhibitions, I felt constrained in my work.

I was becoming a draftsman intent on reproducing exactly what was before me, resulting in boredom and loss of creativity. Inspired by the works of the abstract expressionists, I changed direction in my journey. Overnight my painting became free and easy. The creative act has become more important than the final product. No longer is there any pre-planning. All that occurs is truly from within my being. I attack the canvas with texture using a modeling paste and gesso before I even think about adding color. The elements of line, shape, color and texture combined with movement, pattern and balance are my allies in this new found inner-being form of creativity.


My life has been dedicated to artistic expression. In addition to painting, I have sculpted over 500 miniature wood birds as well as created numerous woodcut designs that can be found in private collections throughout the United States. Holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts Education from Jersey City State College and a Master of Arts Degree in Fine Arts Education from Columbia University, I taught art on the secondary school level and was a supervisor of Art, Music and Industrial Arts for 36 years. My students and I have regularly received local, state and national recognition for our work in the Arts.

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